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In One Piece: Gold he has an argument with Rob Lucci about his requests for the Marines to support Gild Tesoro, provocatively asking him for how long CP-0 will be "Tesoro's lapdogs", to which Lucci replies that supporting Tesoro is necessary for CP-0's mission and that, therefore, Akainu must "shut up" and comply with the order. [19] Akainu, in turn, viewed Ace as one of the two most dangerous individuals (the other one being Luffy) in the world, due to his father being Gol D. [2], Beside combat, Sakazuki is a shrewd manipulator, using whatever knowledge he holds of enemies to try to deceive them into doing what conforms with his goals. Suddenly, a Marine interrupted the meeting and reported about what transpired on Dressrosa.[14]. This has given him a very fearsome reputation, but of greater concern is his dogmatism, which may end up making the Marines into a force that is worse than the enemies they hope to eliminate. Sakazuki and the other high ranking officers discussing Zephyr's recent actions. Fujitora replied if he had done so, the incident might have been covered up. Whitebeard then gave the admiral another devastating blow, sending him falling into a crater. Magma-Magma Fruit Sakazuki replied that Kuzan's actions after he left the Marines were not his concern. Reyligh said in his prime he might win against Kizaru. [49], Sakazuki would later find his equal in then-fellow admiral Kuzan, their one-on-one duel on Punk Hazard seeing them evenly matched and meeting another blow for blow through most of a ten-day duration; while both men sustained grievous injuries, Sakazuki was the one to ultimately prevail and emerge as the victor, his longtime comrade left entirely at his mercy. Blackbeard and his crew escaped, and left Bonney behind. English Name: I agree with Fujitora, but not Kizaru. In the anime, the events of the Battle of Marineford after Whitebeard's death are touched upon showing massive explosions rocking Marineford, sending nearby pirates flying back. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. [55], Sakazuki's ability is well-suited for combat due to the magma's extreme heat and explosivity,[54][56] and is said to offer the greatest attack power of all Devil Fruits. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Sakazuki is shown to have absolute loyalty to the World Government and is an extreme follower of their doctrine of Absolute Justice. Because of this, he was outraged when he learned that the report given to Marine Headquarters about Doflamingo's resignation from the Warlords of the Sea had been falsified by CP-0. Even though he failed to take Luffy's life during the war, he managed to give Luffy an X-shaped scar that covers most of his chest. Funi English VA: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When the Marines learned that the Roger Pirates and the Golden Lion Pirates were about to battle in the Edd War, three years before the death of the Pirate King, Sakazuki was seen in Marineford, walking with Garp, Kuzan, Saul and Tsuru, listening to the conversation about Garp's efforts to capture Gol D. Roger. Type: [citation needed], Aokiji strongly opposed Akainu becoming fleet admiral and dueled him for the position. At the age of 23, Sakazuki joined the Marines alongside a 26 years old Borsalino, and came under the tutelage of instructor Zephyr. Oden > Roger, Big Mom, Whitebeard, Shiki, Garp, Sengoku and the rest of OP World until they scar Kaido, I agree that the admirals are on the same level. His raw strength, for one, was enough for him to go up against and clash evenly with Whitebeard in close quarters (the "Strongest Man in the World" who, in his old age, could still overpower a giant's strength easily),[39][40] even holding back a two-handed swing of the elder's large naginata (which came clad in a quake bubble to massively enhance its striking force) using a single leg. Issho even gave assurance that the new SSG will balance things out.[29]. His real name Sakazuki (盃) means "sake cup". During the Buster Call attack on Ohara, Sakazuki's beliefs led him to go as far as destroying a refugee ship because of the possibility that a scholar could be hiding on board, an action that disgusted Vice-Admiral Kuzan (who called him a "fool" and an "idiot" for overdoing things). After the steel wall was finally raised around the pirates, Akainu started to attack the pirates with his Ryūsei Kazan, which melted Aokiji's ice and destroyed the Moby Dick. When Ace was finally freed, Akainu assured his men that there was nothing to worry about, since the two pirate brothers were going to be captured again and executed. [23], Akainu feigned sympathy towards Squard to get him to betray Whitebeard,[18] then brutally injured Whitebeard and killed Ace, which resulted in the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates directing their anger toward him, and the remaining commanders attempting to fight against him, even though they might have been killed. If even one of those scholars made it onto that ship, all of the sacrifices we've made will have been for naught! [3][8], Sakazuki's background, specifically as a black-hearted extremist, affords him a particularly fearsome repute even by admiral standards, as seen chiefly following the Summit War when Blackbeard, upon learning of Sakazuki's presence aboard a Marine ship meant for negotiations, immediately fled off the island he dwelt on with his crew, noting their unreadiness to face the admiral despite Blackbeard, at that point, having come to wield two of the strongest Devil Fruit powers in existence and bolstered his crew with five of Impel Down's most dangerous and powerful ex-prisoners. He has been featured in the Portrait of Pirates Figuarts Zero, One Piece DX Figure, One Piece High Spec Coloring Figure, Ichiban Kuji One Piece and Super Modeling Soul One Piece lines. issuing special orders like the enactment of a Buster Call on any island he deems a threat, at any time, and granting others such privilege),[3][35] Sakazuki can now fully lay down the organization's strategy, deciding tactics and setting policy, discretionally assign and reassign forces to deploy globally in missions (including the admirals), promote or demote the lower ranks, and delegate any such powers as he sees fit; during the two-year timeskip, he exercised his authority to have the Marine Headquarters relocated to the New World[36][2] as well as institute a global-scale draft. Kuzan, however, was against the idea of having him become the new fleet admiral and the two admirals battled each other for the position on Punk Hazard. After Borsalino informed him of Z's return, Sakazuki ordered a summit meeting at the new Marine Headquarters. As such, Akainu deems that Luffy's mere existence, due to being Dragon's son, is enough to be a threat to the world and therefore must be eliminated. Despite Blackbeard's grave announcement and his newly acquired power, he still chose to blindly continue pursuing Luffy. After the time-skip, as a result of his intense battle with Kuzan at Punk Hazard, the right side of Sakazuki's neck and face are scarred, and a chunk of his right ear is missing. Sub-power of Omnificence. [1] Until getting off his chair in order to destroy an incoming iceberg during the Battle of Marineford, his face was always hidden by the bill of his cap.[12]. Due to Luffy being the son of the Revolutionary Dragon, Akainu views him as the most dangerous threat to the world, along with Ace, and possesses an immensely dangerous obsession with ending Luffy's life. Japanese VA: Their battle is interrupted by Fujitora, as the island needs to be evacuated. Sakazuki later interrupted a meeting Sengoku was holding and said that the Marines were leaving Wano Country alone due to not having enough manpower to deal with both Big Mom and Kaido. The film stars the regular television cast of Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura, Kappei Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Hirata, Ikue Otani, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Kazuki Yao, and Chō. He is still relative to to Sakazuki and Kuzan. Sakazuki's face up close before the timeskip. Oden fought a 20 years weaker Kaido. [11], Twenty-two years ago at the Ohara Incident, he wore a simple white Marine cap under a dark gray hood that seemed to be a part of a cloak he wore beneath his suit, or Marine coat. Kaido views Oden as up there with the strongest pirates ever but "mid diff" to the admirals, its like you people are reading a different manga. Just like you, we from animake love anime, manga, video games and the amazing characters that they bring with them. When he was prepared to finish them off, Crocodile repelled him and got Luffy and Jinbe out of the admiral's reach. He would lose mid to high diff to any of the admirals. One Piece Romance Dawn: The Dawn of the Adventure, One Piece Variety: I Will be the Pirate King TV, Legend of the Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Debut: The ability to have an unlimited amount of anything. Akainu also did not show any respect to Monkey D. Garp, despite the old vice admiral being a "hero" who was eligible for the position of admiral, due to him being from the previous generation, but mostly for sharing his lineage with criminals like Dragon and Luffy. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. [70], While reading the newspaper detailing Luffy's exploits at Totto Land, Sakazuki received a report that Komane, the princess of the Lulusia Kingdom was kidnapped by pirates, making him furious and questioning why the escort allowed that to happen. Akainu for example has an extremely dangerous df for close combat, especially against tanks like kaido/big mom. [53][54] This ability is shown to be outstandingly potent even by Logia standards, such that, when excessively used over ten days, it warped the very climate of half an island, permanently rendering it a blazing inferno that embroils even the surrounding sea. Sakazuki's alias, "Akainu", means "Red Dog" in Japanese. [22] Two years after the war at Marineford, he wasted little time in sending an admiral to capture or kill him. For detailed information about the series, see the One Piece Wiki. [37], Combat-wise, Sakazuki as an admiral (now fleet admiral) is among the world's strongest figures, having been thought with his fellow admirals to constitute the World Government's "Greatest Military Force" (i.e. Akainu was outraged at this and attacked Koby, only to have his punch blocked by Shanks. Akainu preparing to attack a gigantic iceburg hurled by Jozu. When he was told that the case had been left to the Cipher Pol, Sakazuki retorted that even the Five Elders had been walked over by the "Celestial Dragons' puppets". The battle lasted for ten days,[2] and their respective powers caused Punk Hazard to permanently be frozen on one half and burning on the other. This was seen when he didn’t attempt to attack Shanks when he arrived at Marineford to save Koby. That being said, he still respectfully addressed him when the Marines were discussing the bounties of the most notorious pirates. The two were already considered "monsters".[5]. He was enraged of hearing the news of the Dyna Stones being stolen and the destruction of the Marine base at Firs Island. Despite this, Sakazuki saw them as a necessary evil and was unhappy that the Warlord system was abolished, but Admiral Fujitora believes the reason why Sakazuki thinks this way is because Sakazuki has never personally suffered from the Warlords the same way others have. Captain Actions/Boosted Abilities: Friend/Guest Captain Captain Gear Levels: Friend/Guest Captain: [20] Furthermore, he seems to be unafraid of older legends, as when Whitebeard told his men not to be intimidated by Garp due to the Marine being an old man, Akainu mocked Whitebeard's comment, saying that Whitebeard was also from the same generation as Garp before attacking the Emperor. Chapter 397; Episode 278[1] [23] This conviction fueled Akainu to the point of actively hunting Luffy himself, even though Blackbeard was destroying Marineford at the time. Meaning: As a child, Sakazuki still had the grim disposition he retained as an adult. Occupations: Sakazuki is an incredibly tall, light-skinned, unusually muscular man (the most muscular of the former admirals and being on par with Sengoku and Garp). An image of Sakazuki appears in the first, Sakazuki appears in the Nami and Marineford versions of the. Although he was more interested in taking Luffy's life, he showed absolutely no mercy to Jinbe on the battlefield and attempted to kill him numerous times while Jinbe was protecting Luffy. [2] Because of his actions, Sakazuki is one of the main antagonists of the Marineford Arc and after his promotion, he became one of the central antagonists of the series. Which is why we have made it our mission to supply us fans with lots of figurines and statues to be 3d printed, painted and admired. Nevertheless, his ruthless adherence to "Absolute Justice" has made his colleagues fear and despise him, especially Aokiji, who called him a fool for taking things too far. [14], In Marine Headquarters, Sakazuki received a report from Rob Lucci about the Marines sending forces to aid Gild Tesoro. After learning of Jewelry Bonney's whereabouts, Akainu said that the World Government had been worried due to her disappearance, and Bonney replied that she hates the World Government and the Marines. Akainu commented on how Whitebeard can not escape the effects of old age and took full advantage by landing a devastating blow on Whitebeard's chest with molten magma. That effects peoples feelings in match ups. He finds people who attempt to interfere with him as nothing more than irritating obstacles. When Whitebeard was unleashing his Gura Gura no Mi powers at the plaza, Akainu engaged him in combat, trying to prevent him from causing any more significant damage to Marineford. Alive His extremism also caused him to bar Admiral Fujitora from ever entering a Marine base due to his prostration in Dressrosa, though it was mostly because Sakazuki couldn't stand to see his version of justice and honor shamed because his enemies showcased its own failure. His pride is so great he would rather cover up the ordeal to ensure that the Marines are adamant and credible to his doctrine of Absolute Justice. It was released in Japan on March 20, 2013, Europe on August 30, 2013, and in the U.S. on September 3, 2013. [9], In the manga, he was first mentioned by Nico Robin during the initial encounter with Aokiji. Unnamed Higuma bandit - Shot in the head by Lucky Roux. He is incredibly rigid and absolute in his beliefs, showing little compassion for anything, and is ruthlessly willing to do anything to serve his own goals, no matter the cost. Akainu, having survived Whitebeard's onslaught, tunneled underground and reappeared in front of Jinbe as he was making his way to the escape ship with Luffy in tow. We have to be thorough! Kizaru has an incredibly destructive df. Hey! He, along with the whole battlefield, was stopped by Koby as he yelled for the fighting to stop. His nickname, along with the other admirals' (Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru), are taken from. [39] Otherwise, Sakazuki has been seen producing entire barrages of magma fists to rain down like meteorites and devastate battlefields,[60][56] strengthening a kick with magma,[51] and forming a fanged doghead to assail his foe with. Luffy unleashed a wave of Haoshoku Haki, which saved Ace from the second execution attempt, while Akainu noticed that Luffy used his power unconsciously. [38], Sakazuki was nominated for the position of fleet admiral after Sengoku had retired. Akainu attacked, and brutally executed the Marine officer for this "cowardice", much to the horror of Koby and Helmeppo who were watching (having nearly run into the admiral themselves while doing the same thing). Jinbe is aware of how dangerous Akainu is, and wasted no time in warning the Straw Hats about how ruthless the Marines have become under his command. The two clashed again, causing another rampage in Marineford. Two of them have one shot abilities if they get a good hit in. [2][34] On top of any prior-held authorities as admiral (e.g. Reyligh>Kizaru vs Oden? After becoming fleet admiral, Sakazuki decided to relocate the Marine Headquarters to the New World in exchange for the Marine branch. [23] In fact, Akainu's beliefs about heritage run deep enough that he declares that even if every other pirate escapes, he would personally ensure that neither Ace nor Luffy were allowed to leave the war alive due to their bloodlines. After the war of Marineford, Sengoku put his name forward for the position of the Fleet Admiral, meaning he was quite capable indeed. [64], Sakazuki was born in North Blue. [61][46][41][47] Further, Sakazuki's powers bestow him high maneuverability, letting him melt through whatever lies in his path, even tunneling through the very ground, and to briefly fly using jet bursts of magma. Sakazuki's logic was that if even one of the scholars of Ohara had escaped with it, the mission would have been a failure. Sakazuki's relationship with Admiral Fujitora is also strained. Affiliations: When Sengoku stepped down as Fleet Admiral, many in the upper echelons nominated him to be Sengoku's replacement. Sakazuki [75], After the Warlord system was abolished, Sakazuki spoke to Fujitora via Den Den Mushi and explained that the timing was bad due to the pirate alliance of the Big Mom and Beasts Pirates. [10] In the anime, his eye color is seen to be brown, and this was also shown in a colored drawing by Eiichiro Oda. No lmao, Oden is quite clearly up there with the yonko and admirals, he can push Akainu to extreme diff and can beat at least one admiral. Fleet Admiral;[2] Admiral[3] (former); Vice Admiral (former)[1] Sakazuki has been a choice character in several series of merchandise. How strong do you think prime Reyligh is? Despite his loyalty to the World Government, Sakazuki believes that World Nobles must not interfere with the Marines' activities and vice-versa. Akainu faced Bonney, and said that the World Government had been worried due to her disappearance, and Bonney replied that she hates the World Government and the Marines. He wears black gloves and black shoes.[8]. Sakazuki This response infuriated Sakazuki further as it meant his power was hollow and empty. Under the command of fleet admiral Sakazuki, Marine Headquarters has become an even more powerful "army of justice". So far, Akainu's manipulations have been incredibly successful, such as when he managed to deceive Squard through Sengoku's master strategy,[18] or insulting Whitebeard to get Ace angry enough to stop his attempt at escape.[19]. He's about as tall as his fellow admirals, with a square-shaped face, very pronounced facial features, and short black hair. Upon Sakazuki's rise to Fleet Admiral, Kizaru became a confidant to share his counsel, often offering helpful advice and being someone for him to share his personal frustrations over the growing threat of piracy, especially the Straw Hats. He is an adamant believer in Absolute Justice and is ruthless in his maintenance of it, his derived motto being "Thorough Justice" (徹底的な正義, Tetteiteki na Seigi?). He got stronger, I think he is admiral tier, but people put him above Kizaru, Aokiji, and Akaiunu. His efforts to pursue Luffy are consistently stalled by Marco deflecting all of his attacks and the Whitebeard Pirates forcing him back with a barrage of bullet and cannon fire, at which he comments is irritating. Kuzan can kill with a touch, but I think his ability is a little more resistable than giant magma fist. The meeting between Sakazuki and the Five Elders. "Sakazuki" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Sakazuki was not happy about serving a pirate, but Lucci replied that the World Government had motives of its own. Akainu then burned Jinbe as the latter attempted to protect Ace from a strike to the head. Akainu (赤犬, Akainu?, literally meaning "Red Dog")[3] Birthday: [14] During that heated argument, Sakazuki criticized how much work they issued because of Doflamingo. Despite all of this, even Sakazuki could not come to kill his former compatriot Kuzan.[2]. Akainu, along with Aokiji and Kizaru, managed to stop Whitebeard's seismic waves directed towards the platform on which Ace was chained.[67]. Marines[1] Sakazuki and Sengoku then talked about Kozuki Oden.[29]. In his anger, Sakazuki then demanded Fujitora to bring back the heads of Luffy and Law as recompense for his actions at Dressrosa, and forbade Fujitora from entering any Marine base until he carried out this order. Height: For example, when he learned that Fujitora had let the world know of what transpired in Dressrosa, Sakazuki was furious. [1] In turn, Akainu will easily kill any Marines who contradict his beliefs, as he executed a soldier for leaving his post in fear, and even made an attempt on Koby's life for voicing his objections for taking the war too far. Do you put him above current Sakazuki and Kuzan? Oden fought a weaker Kaido. Yes, then Roger came and threw him away, WB then clashed with Roger and Oden knew the difference between him and these two. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Sakazuki, however, decided to let Kuzan live because they were comrades.[2]. Sakazuki chastises Fujitora for dragging the name of "justice" through the dirt. He mostly sees the Marines as an extension of himself and his own beliefs, willing to kill those who disagree with him, and showing little if any care for people placed under his charge. This made Ace lose his chance to retreat in an attempt to strike down Akainu in revenge, only to fail and ultimately lose his life at the hands of the then admiral. Sakazuki [3] In the anime, he was mentioned earlier by Vice Admiral Jonathan during the anime-only G-8 Arc, which aired after Akainu had been revealed in the manga.[8]. As Fleet Admiral, Sakazuki holds immense pride in the name of the Marines. Sengoku, Garp, Sakazuki, Kuzan, Borsalino and Issho. [13], Later, Sakazuki communicated with Fujitora via Den Den Mushi to inform him that the report given to Marine Headquarters regarding Doflamingo's resignation was fraudulent, and noted the situation was infuriating, and that he was heading to Mary Geoise to confront the Five Elders about it.[69]. Banchina -Diedfrom an unknown illness. [38], During the Summit War, Sakazuki's fighting prowess was well-established against Whitebeard, an Emperor and the world's strongest man, whom the admiral matched up to in a head-to-head confrontation, though with the pirate legend evidently not fully serious. [11], Given his admiral rank, Sakazuki holds proficiency in Haki,[63] both Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku alike.[6]. Before his full appearance was revealed, many non-canon sources had attempted to depict Sakazuki after the timeskip, which would later turn out to be highly inaccurate to his actual appearance in the manga. Variation of Creation. Andrew Love He angrily told Fujitora that he should know what it means for him to admit fault, and that he should have reported it before taking action. Prior to Sengoku making it public, Akainu was one of the few who knew that Luffy was Dragon's son. One Piece is a 1999 anime series made by Eiichiro Oda based off of the manga of the same name. Color scheme of Sakazuki in the manga, using his. Large geysers of magma are shown showering the escaping New World Pirates. Because of his deep hatred for Gol D. Roger, who killed his first crew, Squard believed him and attacked Whitebeard,[18] by stabbing him in the chest. Two years ago, when Blackbeard arrived at Marineford and stole Whitebeard's Devil Fruit power, Akainu heard his speech but ignored him to pursue and attempt to kill Luffy which ended in failure. The way Sakazuki's character design is drawn resembles the famous late Japanese actor. Sakazuki told him to wait because they did not know the strength of Wano Country's forces. [40], Beside the pseudo-intangibility of his magma body, its heat is enough to melt steel in mere passing and has enemies heavily discouraged from approaching, let alone striking physical blows on him, lest they be severely burned from doing so. Bellemère - Shot in the chest by Arlong. In his youth, Sakazuki wore an open red shirt, as well as a set of khaki pants held up with a loosely tied yellow-orange ribbed belt with a silver bullseye shaped buckle, and a pair of red sneakers. Status: After Ace's attack backfired, Akainu said that his magma can smother Ace's fire and was thus able to injure Ace despite his Logia intangibility, making him his natural enemy. He went on to state that both Luffy and Ace deserved to be executed due to their parentage and attacked Luffy, but Ace threw himself in the way. [39][40] A clear variance in power between the two was thereafter instantiated by a second, much briefer clash that saw Whitebeard (now serious and in rage over the admiral's killing of Ace, albeit debilitated by grave injury) take down Sakazuki in a mere two blows, though the admiral did manage to deal a critical hit of his own therebetween, melting off a portion of the elder's head,[41] and Sakazuki was not out of commission for long after said skirmish. Sakazuki seems to despise CP-0 and, during an argument with the Five Elders, he even refers to them as the "Celestial Dragons' puppets". As fleet admiral, Sakazuki has total operational command of the Marines, with at present a mere six direct superiors to answer to: the World Government's Five Elders and Commander-in-Chief. [1] His extremism has given him a borderline, if not outright fanatic demeanor. Bunta Sugawara, the actor who Sakazuki was based on. [22], During the battle, following Sengoku's orders, Akainu talked to Captain Squard, making him believe that Whitebeard had betrayed his allies, trading their lives for Ace's. He also carried a katana on his back. [6][42][47], Sakazuki was seen wielding a dagger as a child[62] and a red-hilted katana during his youth as a Marine. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Their fierce battle ended after ten days with Sakazuki achieving victory. Sakazuki later had a meeting with the Five Elders and a heated argument broke out between them. They then used their Devil Fruit powers and clashed with each other. He demonstrated his words by making Squard notice that the Pacifistas attacked everyone in the bay except Whitebeard's pirates, this being also part of Sengoku's plan. Kizaru showed advanced emission haki, you really think Luffy knows something that Kizaru does not? After Whitebeard and his crew successfully entered the plaza, Whitebeard began to swing his naginata for another attack when Akainu intervened, and told him that the island would not hold out long if he kept doing that. Kuina -Diedafter falling down the stairs. Sakazuki then contacted Fujitora and scolded him for allowing the true news of what transpired at Dressrosa to spread throughout the world without the consent of those in the higher echelons. Matter of fact, the world was way more turbulent in the time skip than it was when the Strawhats were active. One Piece Film: Z is a 2012 Japanese anime fantasy action adventure film directed by Tatsuya Nagamine.It is the twelfth feature film based on the shōnen manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. 306 cm (10'0½")[6] Class filters Fighter Shooter Slasher Striker Free Spirit Cerebral Powerhouse Driven Evolver Booster Exclude Characters with other Classes Exclude Single Class Characters. It is unclear whether this has caused a further rift to develop between the two men or caused any problems within the Marines that prefer Garp or Akainu's version of Justice. Akainu brutally attacked by an enraged Whitebeard. Sakazuki suggest that cover-ups were needed in order to save the face of the World Government. Japanese Name: Despite this disposition, Sakazuki seems to be able to restrain himself at times, having chosen to spare the life of Jewelry Bonney and her crew after they were left beaten and tied by the Blackbeard Pirates for the then-admiral to salvage, and letting his colleague Aokiji leave the Marines after he lost a ten-day duel for the position of fleet admiral.[2]. 53 (debut);55 (after timeskip)[5] During the war at Marineford, Akainu tricked Squard into stabbing Whitebeard. During the ensuing conflict, Akainu burned off a portion of Whitebeard's head. Sakazuki shouted that it is a matter of credibility and trust and Fujitora had disgraced the face of "Justice", but Fujitora responded, rightly, that if Justice was so easily shamed and fragile, the credibility and trust Sakazuki was worried about was nonexistent in the first place. [2] Sakazuki responded to Kuzan's decision with mockery and showed no concern for his activities.[28]. Anime pre-timeskip Sakazuki was nominated for the position of fleet admiral after Sengoku had retired. At the end of the film, he was enraged by the escape of the Supernovas from that place. Despite his position as an admiral prior to promotion, Akainu is willing to lie to and deceive his enemies in order to achieve Justice. Kuzan or Oden? This friendly status changed when Issho took matters into his own hands during the incident in Dressrosa, by putting his faith in pirates to defeat Doflamingo as well as bowing apologetically to King Riku for the World Government allowing Doflamingo to torment their kingdom for so long.

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